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Travel report


German Asian society in trip to Southeast Asia came back to Leipzig in successfully

Asian under direction of the Board of the German society of Leipzig, it was for the first time in November 2009 for the business trip to Southeast Asia. The society was accompanied by businessmen from the area of Leipzig.

Starting from Leipzig was the capital city of Indonesia via Singapore to Jakarta. Our tour group of 30 degrees and sultry warm weather was caught after a 13-hour flight. In front of us, city that just swarmed by mopeds and hawkers was 8.6 million. The night became day. It followed by one, these traffic conditions, adventurous ride to the hotel. In each situation, friendly people pointed the way us and you always had the feeling of being welcome guest.

The next days were filled with talks at the German Embassy in Jakarta, the German Chamber of foreign trade, and individual discussions between entrepreneurs and potential partners.

In Berlin, we got the note that Jakarta is a shopper's paradise of the employees of the Indonesian Embassy. To the delight of the entire group, this was not an exaggeration. A shopping mecca was lined up on the other.

After 5 days of Indonesia, it then went to Viet Nam. There was a similar picture like in Jakarta in Hanoi. One had the impression the city burst seams. Pure chaos and people who run their businesses on every corner. Viet Nam, now - coffee export country number 1, offered to every corner of its coffee in coffee shops. For us, Saxony later beat heart in an instant with similar taste for coffee.

Also in Hanoi had the Group opportunity to technical discussions in the German Embassy and businesses of various kinds. Highlights were talks in the Vietnamese ministries and other State institutions - always with employees, many in Saxony and Leipzig, had received an education in East Germany. It was now for US Leipzig to take advantage of and to enable this connection. This was impressive.

Not only the above-average experience that met the Vietnamese, but also the culture of the Vietnamese in Hanoi was impressive. History of the world was met at every step. Invited a variety of interesting museums to visit, including the imposing mausoleum of Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh.

After these busy days, we returned to Germany. Following discussion and negotiation results were found in the luggage:

01.Die subsidiaries of the German-Asian society of Leipzig in Jakarta (Indonesia) and Hanoi (Viet Nam) as of January 1, 2010.

02. The goal of increasing the number of students of Asians at Saxon universities.

03. The creation of conditions for vocational training for Southeast Asians in Saxony, in the interest of the development of these countries.

04. Co-operation in sporting field. National and international comparisons of sport, as well as offers for coach training in Leipzig for Vietnamese are provided.

05. Boost the cultural exchange between Germany and Viet Nam, in particular through the implementation of cultural events in Leipzig and Hanoi.

06. Problem solution in the creation of legal certainty for businesses and individuals that operate in South-East Asia. Contact person for this is the law firm Dr. Fingerle. Cooperation with law firms in South-East Asia are planned.

07 The digitisation of cultural heritage at the museums of Jakarta and Hanoi by the Leipzig firm of CDS is Gromke E.k..

08 The mediation was discussed contracts for the rehabilitation of buildings in Hanoi and in the area of sanitation, fresh water supply, and in the field of logistics and infrastructure, to improve the traffic situation in Hanoi and Saigon.

9 Support for the implementation of the technology of renewable energy, as well as the recycling of waste paper, plastics and Elaste, as also the waste as a source of heat supply, to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the countries of Southeast Asia.

10. Support for the training of doctors and medical personnel from Southeast Asia, in institutions in Saxony, Germany.

The next business trip leads us to the countries of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and on request also in the Mongolia. The planning for this has already begun. Many new opportunities and tasks await us there as well.

We are looking forward to your participation!

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