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to the general meeting and board election on
September 01, 2022 of the German-Asian Society Leipzig e.V.

Dear Members

we cordially invite you to our general meeting and board election on Thursday, 01.09.2022 at 6.00 pm in the restaurant Mückenschlösschen, Restaurant Garten, Waldstraße 86, 04105 Leipzig.

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Offloading for the General Assembly and Board election 2020

We must cancel our general meeting of the German-Asian Society Leipzig e.V. for the year 2019. The full offload can be found here.

Chairman Axel Wladimiroff met on 30 August 2018 in Dresden Moritzburg with the Saxon minister of State for Social Affairs and Consumer Protection (health minister) to discuss the work in the association. As an example from the practice of the project "Women and girls in work and education", the trainee Daddies Patengo-Likombi, who explained to the minister her experience with training in the old nursing sector, accompanied him.
At the heart of the discussion was the relief for interested girls from fleeing countries as well as refugees to give a future with training in Leipzig and the region.

September 02, 2018

Left: Axel Wladimiroff, chairman of the Association
Center: Barbara Klepsch, Minister of Health of the state of Saxony
Right: Daddies Patengo-Likombi, trainee from the DR Congo

Donation for the Association

Association again received a donation from the Sparkasse Leipzig. It might be so sober to express if you don't want to comment on it.
But we do not want, because far too many volunteers with their projects have led to this award on 23 April 2018 and in a large-scale framework for clubs by executives of the savings bank to the chairman
Axel Wladimiroff as well as our Treasurer Iliyana Madina could be received.
Understandable that both the corners of the mouth ranged to the ears for a few moments! 2,500.00 Euro donation was rightly reached at a time when it was decided that the successful migration project
"women and girls in work and education" would continue in the content. A successful project, which has long since been considered and taken up by other people.
So it was not surprising that the director of the Sparkasse Leipzig-Gohlis-Arcades,
Beate Felgentreff was granted, impressively and understandablely formulated, the commitment of our association for the years 2016 and 2017 to inform the present. Here our honorary member indeed did "whole work". We can rely on you since the opening of the account in your branch, 12 years ago, in all respects. She is not only an honorary member of our association, but also helps us with other important things with advice and deed.

We hope that this will be a sequel!.
Thank all Members for their commitment and work of recent years, which are the basis, once again honored with this award
To be.

Axel Wladimiroff

Club celebrates its 10th anniversary in Leipzig

For more information and photos, see

ASIA DAY performed with great acclaim and success

With great expectation, much effort was made over 1 year. On 22 June 2014, the ASIA DAY 2014 conducted in the Grassi - Museum for Ethnology.
Close partner of this event was the Grassi - Museum for Ethnology, which were us any assistance in the form of wider to. Asian clubs, even from Chemnitz and Berlin arrived, this support is completed. For the first time, clubs and stands from Afghanistan and Tajikistan were represented.
From 13: 00-18:00 a diversity of Asian art, culture, was demonstrated eating habits or lifestyles and offered.
Family-friendly ticket prices meant that many children and young people used this day to take advantage of not only the Asian variety, but also other offers in the country stands. At least 16 countries were represented.
A full House and said spectators at the show - stage were the reward for 1 year the hard work of the organizers.
Helpers from near and far, supported this event. Without this group of people that would have been never successful in the form. Special thanks goes to the project manager of the event, Mrs Gabriele Sunkel and Maria Slavkova, as well as to Mrs Ute Uhlemann of the Grassi - Museum for Ethnology, which was always a complicated partner in the preparation and implementation.
Clubs, volunteers, organizers and the German - Asian society of Leipzig as host agreed, to offer these ASIA-DAY even by 2015 the population in the region on the day of the event. The date that is agreed in the next 4 weeks with the Grassi Museum and published. Already, inquiries and offers from 12 countries and clubs exist 2015 to take part.
Expressly mention again, that we attach great importance to the many helpers and actors of the event to thank that only allowed for such a success.
We hope guests that 2014 might be there, then by 2015 to welcome.

Chaired the DAG Leipzig e.V.

Opening of Asia day 2014 by Axel Wladimiroff (Chairman of the German Asian Society e.V.) and Ute Uhlemann (Grassi Museum für Völkerkunde)

Episodes of China wellness experience

Offers of the German Japanese Society e.V.

Guests of the German Tajik Society e.V. Berlin in conversation with visitors

Information of the FrauenART e.V. about eating habits in the Middle East

Guests from Chemnitz with its Japanese drums in action

Oriental belly dance performed by Natalie Pichler Hagge from Leipzig

interested audience to the Asia day

Tajik folk dance

Tea master Zhao from China in the preparation


In the presence of the Chairman of the company
Axel Wladimiroff the organizational Office of ASIA DAY 2015, recorded in September 2014 work under the leadership of Maria Slavkova, project manager. The 10 May 2015 has been set as the deadline. In coordination with the Grassi Museum für Völkerkunde the venue of the event was set again in this facility. In addition to the proven team of helpers, newly joined to Christin Raulf, which can help as a studied cultural scientist certainly, that this event can be formed high further.

New members for the Club and the Club working won

As new Members welcome and others in the Club.

Olga Tittel the native Petersbugerin living for 15 years in Leipzig and is professionally active in the health sector;

Arkady Kukuliev from Sridhar d, Caucasus, coming, he lived 10 years in Leipzig.
Committed also to health care;

Dr.Maia Rekhviashvili the native Georgerien still lives in Tbilisi, the capital of their country. Then she practiced there as a doctor in a clinic;

All new members have agreed to in the future in projects that work to want, they should be used. Also new to our team could graduate from Sofia for
PR and Media communication of the University of Leipzig, Maria Slavkova, obtained, the
This task has acquired since June 2014. She also lives in Leipzig and has now started her master's degree.
Iliyana Madina, Treasurer of the DAG of Leipzig, has in the meantime. Event agency based in Leipzig founded. It still remains our Treasurer in the Association.

Hardly cope is the implementation of invitations, the Chairman of the Association the by the Abroad came in to lead talks with him. According to
Georgia, Mongolia, Even Myanmar, Congo - Kinshasa, Kenya, Gambia is Azerbaijan, Viet Nam, Namibia, and Egypt to come. Health posted are probably talks to 2014/2015 majority held in Leipzig than in Asia or Africa.

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