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Travel South-East Asia


Arrival in Indonesia

Panoramic view from the German Embassy grounds to Jarkarta

Streetscape of Jarkarta

Meeting with the German Ambassador Rolf Schulze in Hanoi

Appointment at the German Embassy in Jarkarta, (from left to right: Dr. Fingerle: Dr.Fingerle lawyers, Ms. Gromke: hearing aid centre Gabriele Gromke, Secretary of the German Embassy, Mr Gromke: CDS Gromke, woman disc: Treasurer DAG, Mr. Wladimiroff: President DAG)

Appointment in the Ministry of culture, sports and tourism, Viet Nam

Look at the evolving city Hanoi

One of the remaining buildings from the colonial period

Traditionally grown and modern meet

Entrance to the National Museum of Vietnam

Everyday life on the streets of Hanoi

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