Deutsch-Asiatische-Gesellschaft Leipzig e.V.

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about us

1 Name and seat

1.1. The company shall bear the name "German - Asian - Gesellschaft Leipzig".

1.2. The short form of the society is "DAG Leipzig".

1.3. It leads the additive "e.V." in the name after the registration in the register of associations.

1.4. Registered office the company is Leipzig.

2 Purpose of the company

2.1. Purpose of the society is the promotion of mutual understanding and the coexistence of Germans and Asians. A contribution to the dissemination of knowledge about the culture, the economy, social and political development and lifestyles of both Nations in the form of lectures, seminars, and forums.

2.2. In terms of its objectives the company makes public relations in various forms. In addition, initiatives in the field of culture, sports and education supported by help for self-help in the form of forums, round tables, discussion groups and Exchange seminars etc.

2.3. The company strives in terms of its principles and objectives to cooperation with organizations, associations, institutions and associations.

2.4. The company promotes a peaceful and tolerant relationship between German and Asian citizens. You advocates including local, regional and national life problems of Asians through the Organization of forums, seminars or lectures.

2.5. The company supports projects of Asian and German citizens, which are capable of contributing to the improvement of the peaceful coexistence of different religions, through round tables, discussion topics and seminars etc., to afford.

2.6. The company is independent of political parties, organizations and State institutions, as well as philosophical and social beliefs.

3 Charitable status

3.1. The company pursues exclusively and directly non-profit purposes in the sense of the section "Tax privileged purposes" of the tax code.

3.2. The company is working selflessly. Primarily to pursue not commercial purposes.

3.3. Funds of the society may be used only for the statutory purposes. The members receive no benefits from the funds of the Association. No person may be through expenditures that are foreign to the company or through disproportionately high remuneration.

4 Financial year

The company's financial year is the calendar year.

5 Membership

5.1. Members of the company can be independent individuals - by their nationality and their place of residence, who have reached the age of 12, as well as legal entities and companies.

5.2. Which accession to the company must be explained in writing to the Board.

5.3. Which company may have made to natural persons who earned the particularly to the "DAG Leipzig", confer honorary memberships.

5.4. The membership ends with a written resignation of a member to the Board, or by death. It ends by exclusion from gross or repeated violation against the Constitution or against the interests of the company, or on other serious grounds affecting the company. The exclusion is done by decision of the Board. A member has to be heard right before the Board about his exclusion.

6 organs of society

The organs of the society are:
-the General Assembly
-the Board of Directors
-for certain tasks, working groups or project groups can be formed.

7 The general meeting

7.1. The annual membership meeting is annually, written invitation notice of 4 weeks to convene. The agenda adopted by the Board of Directors is to be communicated. Proposals to the meeting must be communicated at least two weeks in writing the Board of Directors prior to the scheduled date.

7.2 The Board must immediately convene an extraordinary general meeting, if this requires the interest of the company or at least 10% of the members request this in writing, under notification of the reasons.

7.3. The General Assembly is the supreme body of the company.

7.4. The General Assembly takes reports of the Management Board against and decide by majority on the discharge of the Executive Board and the Treasurer, elects the Board and decides the amount of the membership fees. You decided the Statute, financial and membership fees and approves the budget. You shall establish decisions on amendments to the statutes and the dissolution of the Association. She decides principles of cooperation with other companies and associations.

7.5 Taking General Assembly held at least once a year.

7.6. Over the course of the general meeting is to make a log. This includes in particular time and place of Assembly, name of the Assembly leader, list of the present members and their voting and information about quorum, applications, decisions and election and votes. The Protocol is to be signed by the Chairperson and the Secretary designated by him.

7.7. The General Assembly is resolutionable without regard to the number of members present, if the notice was properly.

8 The Board of Directors

8.1. The Executive Board comprises the President, the Vice-Presidents and the Treasurer. The company may call a General Manager. The President and Treasurer represent the company judicially and out of court each alone.

8.2. Who is Board of Directors elected every two years by the General Assembly. The term of Office of the Board of Directors ends with the election of the new Board. A Board member resigns during the term, the remaining members of the Board may co-opt a replacement member for the remainder of the term by a majority vote.

8.3. The Board advises and decides fundamental questions of activity of the company between the General meetings and is accountable to this about his activities.

9 finances

9.1. The company is financed by membership fees, donations and other contributions.

9.2. That company is entitled to collect contributions from its members. Height and scale of the contributions, as well as rules on the payment of contributions are laid down in the rules of the post.

9.3. Who funds of the company may be used only for the statutory purposes.

9.4. No person may by expenses, which are foreign to the purpose of the company, or are favored by disproportionately high remuneration.

9.5. An annual fee which is due at the beginning of the year, but not later than April 1 is set. The General Assembly decides on the amount according to proposal of the Board.

10 Dissolution of the company

10.1. The dissolution of the company is carried out by decision of the general meeting by three-quarters majority. The General Assembly elects a liquidator to dissolve the society.

10.2. Dissolution of the company or public purposes is the company's assets to a legal person of public right or another tax-privileged body in order to use for the promotion of international understanding.

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