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Asia-Day 2018


Event continues to expand


Scheduled and long since become a tradition in Leipzig, the association's ASIA-DAY took place for the 7th time on 18 August 2018.
The event continues to expand in the interest of cultural groups to perform on the day of the event.

The idea of giving all migrants, refugees and foreigners living here a platform for cultural performance was owed to cultural groups or became culture from Asia, Africa, Latin America, Arab, but also important for us, from the European Space offered.

As in previous years, the choice of event meeting place was not only chosen by chance, but was aimed specifically at the family,-and maternal center "Mützel" in Grünau. A meeting place that not only showed joy and a great deal of commitment in helping and implementing it at the facility again this year, but is also, in particular, a focal point for numerous refugees with their families.

Thanks go to the management of the facility, especially our project manager of the event, our member of the association, Mrs. Katrin Rudloff.

The colourful and musical performances of the dance groups were partly a feast for the eyes and led to huge applause among the spectators, guests and members of the organisation. But not only that. Those who wanted to pamper their palate with foreign taste would also get their money's worth. The children of the spectators had the chance to take advantage of well-trained educators during the event game offers and the playground of the facility. So many a child enjoyed pleasures or started the way home in the face as a painted cat or hangover at the end of the event, while the adults were sometimes interested in Asian small art or dealt with typical Asian clothing.

In 2019, it is planned to present the event in September in order to integrate it on the occasion of a migration event also organised by the city of Leipzig for years. This is something that will win over another audience.

The association's board of directors would like to thank all volunteers for supporting the event again this year.
Axel Vladimiroff

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